Ultrasound of the elbow

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Ultrasound of the Elbow tutorial will provide all the skills that you will need to perform an ultrasound examination of the elbow. This pack includes:

  • Comprehensive video tutorials on anatomy and sonoanatomy of the elbow.
  • The full text version of the chapter "Ultrasound of the elbow" available to read online.


What You´ll learn

  • Detailed anatomy of the elbow, including all relevant bones, muscles, tendons, ligaments and nerves. Giving you the knowledge to understand what is required to perform an ultrasound examination.
  • The technical skills to locate and examine all the relevant structures of the elbow during an ultrasound examination.
  • The ability to identify the normal sonographic appearance of all relevant anatomy. 


  • Basic/medium skills at MSK ultrasound
  • An Ultrasound machine with a high frequency linear probe (between 7-18 Mhz).


  • Intermediate

The author

  • Iñigo Iriarte is a Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation specialist working in Bilbao, Spain.
  • He started utilising ultrasound in his clinical practice 2011, and has vast experience working with athletes and sports injuries.
  • In clinical practice, Dr. Iriarte combines clinical assessment, with his ultrasound diagnosis to tailor treatment to the patient, including conservative management and ultrasound guided interventional procedures.



With the purchase of this product you get access to the content of “Ultrasound of the elbow” without time limit. This product consists of two parts:

1. The video tutorials are not downloadable and require an active internet connection to view them.

2. The chapter is available to read online and cannot be downloaded.

  • Video format: 4K UHD
  • Duration: 119:25
  • Author: Iñigo Iriarte